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  • You’ll have an easier time unionizing programmers

    Ye I’ve been since the start until some months ago in the Italian chapter of tech workers coalition because of this :P

    I wish I had an idea to start fixing this

    I do have ideas but the thing is that almost no one can fully save other people. Like the unionizing thing: we tried to unionize from outside but just doesn’t work if people inside don’t hammer everyday. We can think about cooperative models but even if we start a coop people will have to jump in your ship they can’t just keep the comfort of the status quo

    It’s hard but my protip is that everyone should first acknowledge every kind of own power in their own life. Then think how to use it. For example I don’t have much but I happen to have some rural land. I’ll probably make a community space out of it but first I need to ensure myself some other basic survival power lol (basically, I want to go back to studying to then have a useful job for the society I envision)

  • the first rule of the server is to be constructive, you may want to keep that in mind when posting

    control of ai by capital is bad, we all know that on this server; what are the next steps then? this is what solarpunks should ask themselves (first of all they -artists- prob need to unionize their workplace, for those not freelance, to ensure their jobs)

    also those artists who used ai without telling you just want to get by their lives and are costrained by the system as you and as me

  • For me, their “explanation” is pure nonsense

    It’s badly written imo. There are 2 implicit informations:

    • proton couldn’t give them anything else
    • the ip was not used to track them anyway (yes it’s cringe to say but i mean I’m not Andy Chen nor the people who proof checked the post lol)

    there are some providers that I don’t use

    Ye, I’m asking to know which provider you use that does not comply with local law

    sorry for making false promises

    Promises were never false. They did not track ip and they don’t. They had to start for that specific user after the order…

    It’s more like “we didn’t add extra clauses to our statements to make it clearer from start that bla bla bla”.

    Marketing can be useful for a lot of reasons but it should never take the place of education. And vice versa.

  • Proton gave the IP address, person got arrested is the story I know and it’s the one presented in the euronews article

    The euro news article also links the French source and they say that a lot of the work was analyzing photos on Instagram

    What a weird statement to make to justify giving up an IP address

    Cmon… It’s a sentence linked to the next one. They are not using that as a way to justify anything, they just explained how ip was “enough”.

    I totally don’t trust them.

    Not that you would need trust. Just use tor or a vpn if you need to hide ip while doing stuff you know police is interested in…

    I wonder which email provider you are using right now after being so confindent :P

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    The post itself was low effort… Let’s say that ‘‘where solarpunk organize’’ was the motto of the instance thinking about a place where to organize and share informations of praxis more than falling in the giving each other compliments for thinking alike… Probably will have to make another place :o